White Noise, pages 16 and 17, chapter 9

Hey guys, just fyi, I’m still alive!  You will have an update tomorrow!  In the meantime have a Wren doodle :B

Book three hair maybe.  Maybe.

Page 15 of White Noise, chapter 9

White Noise is livestreaming!

come on over to the WN channel and watch me lay down flats for page 15

Game of Thrones season 4 tonight!!  SO EXCITE *foams*

The Young Wolf, done in paint tool sai.

The north remembers!

Practice and character studies

Hi! I've been following White Noise since almost the beginning and I never knew you had a tumblr!! I just wanted to say that your comic is really beautiful and addicting, and your artis really lovely! Your expressions are really great!!!!

Aww, thank you so much!  That means a lot to me!  And thanks for sticking around so long through all the bumps along the way!

(expressions are my favorite 8D)

Page 13  of White Noise, chapter 9.

… I promise there’s a reason for this cruelty >_>

A copic commission of the main character from the webcomic The Amya Chronicles!  Check it out, it is gorgeous!